Thursday, November 19, 2009

Oh Happy Day!!!

Today was the day that Maritu and Mamush became US citizens! We went to court this morning and the process was simple. We even had their names and birth dates changed. The hard part will be getting the Certificate of Citizenship for them with the changed dates of birth. If anyone is interested, I'll post as we cross that hurdle. It was really neat for us because we had the same judge that we had for our older girls when they were adopted. He even remembered us! We brought him a picture taken on that date to post on his bulliten board because it's not many times that judges get to see good cases. Also, he got to see that the decision that he made 10 years ago was a great one!

Monday, November 16, 2009

District Playoffs Or Bust

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It's official! Curran's team will be vying for a seat in the state soccer tournament. They can win this seat by placing first or second in the district tournament. Gooooooooooo Panthers!

Friday, November 13, 2009

No Answers Yet

We finally pushed and pushed until we got our consult from the endocrinology department at Texas Children's Hospital yesterday. It wouldn't have taken near as long if my adoption agency could or would have given us any information on Mamush. You see, if you didn't know, Mamush was in my agency's care for 14 months, yet, we have zero information on him. There is not one weight or length measurement! I made a post over a month ago pleading for anything to help our doctors figure out why my 2 1/2 year old still looks like he's not even a year old. I immediately received an email from Grace that sounded concerned. She said she would try to get me what they had, but I have heard nothing since. (I didn't expect any info.) So, we will be playing a real-life game of Clue...with very few clues.

Here's what happened at our appointment...Nothing! No, really we knew that this would be unproductive because of the lack of information. Now, we have to rule out causes for his lack of growth hormone, and the next step is waiting for a GI consult. GI will have to determine if Mamush is not absorbing his food, thus causing his body to be in starvation mode, hindering his growth hormone levels. I do not have Job's patience...