Friday, April 30, 2010

No More Shots!

This cartoon made me think of our public school system. In Vidor, I was told that I couldn't register my children for school until they had all their shots. I explained that we are on a catch-up schedule as this person already knew they were from another country, but the special education teacher said there were no exceptions. Well, she obviously hasn't read the TEA manual, so I didn't bother arguing. I guess I'll educate the educators when the time comes...

Good news is that Maritu got her last vaccination today. She is officially caught up! This reminds me to tell you to ask your pediatrician to do a catch-up vaccination schedule. There really isn't something official, but just ask that doctor how they'd like to receive 6-8 shots at a time! Not I! So, I can't do that to my children either. Besides, there really is no concensus on what causes autism, so why take the chance? I just asked that they get no more than two at a time. I think the only drawback is that I've felt like our family needs their own room at our doctor's office...

Next, it's Mamush's turn...

Monday, April 26, 2010


Well, now we are officially back into soccer season.  Curran's team is trying to petition for a place in the Super II division.  We have been a Division II team, but we combined with our rivals, the Jasper Twisters, and I have to brag that we have a great group of girls!  We are kicking girl's butts in Division I in tournaments, so there shouldn't be a problem, but we have been told that it depends on how we place in the Director's Cup.  Right now, we qualified for State through our district games, so all I can say is, "Go Xtreme!"

As for Mamush, the last we were told is that the doctors are going to watch his growth for 6 months to a year before deciding on starting treatment.  We were going to have genetic testing done, but we have to wait until we get our insurance straightened out.  What a mess!  Well, Obama's plan that no child would be denied due to pre-existing conditions hasn't taken effect....So much for that....

Sunday, April 25, 2010

What I love about Spring

Sorry for the silence.  I sometimes want a little silence in my life, but now the days are growing longer and the temperature is increasing which inspires me to talk again.  So here's a few pictures of why I love Spring:

Sher peeks around the trellis.

Maritu is showing off Mommy's first blooms.