Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Things People Say

After the last post about people asking if my children were my grandchildren, you'd think I had my share of crazy questions, but you'd have "thunk" wrong... :) So, here's my list to date with what I thought in parenthesis:

1. Are those your grandchildren? (Do I really look old enough? ...yes, I am technically)

2. Are you a foster mom? (They can't be mine?)

3. Are those your children? (I don't kiss my neighbor's kids like that.)

4. Who are you baby sitting for?

#4 was actually the latest, and it came from a black man, where as the others were from white people. He was a cop at a volleyball tournament for my daughter. I didn't hear what he asked at first, but after he repeated it, I chuckled. He was shocked when I said that M&M were mine. He even asked me what my neighbors thought. Truthfully, I don't know, but they all know that I was adopting from Ethiopia for a year before the kids actually came home. I guess they know me well enough that they know better than to say something to ignite my spark (or spunk). (I'm like a lioness protecting her cubs, as I imagine most mothers are.) No, really, I live in a neighborhood filled with children of all ages. "Family" is very important to those that live around us. And, I think the man had a new found respect for me after I graciously answered his questions. I don't really get upset when people stare or ask questions. Actually, I'd rather they ask. Hopefully, I can touch someone's heart with my answers...Maybe I can change their preconceived notions...Hopefully I can teach M&M how to respond when they grow up and face these same questions...

Monday, September 28, 2009

Time For Botox!

You know it's time for Botox when...

You are asked twice in two weeks if your children are your grandchildren! Oh my!

When I finally got over myself, I realized that people probably ask that, not because I look old, but because my children are a different race. Still a convincing arguement for spending money on needless things... lol!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Soccer Saturday

Another busy weekend filled with soccer games, volleyball tournaments, and Olympic Development Training.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Wins, Wins, And More Wins!

Well that title is just a tad deceptive because Skylar lost his soccer game 2-0. He did get two shots on goal but just couldn't capitalize on the opportunity. Also, Sheridan's age group doesn't keep score, but she played the entire game for two kids that cried. Now Curran was the day's big winner. They beat Jasper in soccer again! The score was 2-1. That was Jasper 3rd loss ever! I have to say that their team showed better sportsmenship with this loss.

As soon as her soccer game was finished, we had to rush to Austin Middle School in order to make it for her team's 2nd game in the volleyball tournament. Vidor lost their first game, but came back and won the next two to get the consolation trophy. Whoohoo! I guess I might date myself because I am surprised at how much the game has changed. When did the scoring system change where you could score when you weren't serving?

Friday, September 18, 2009

Another Sport

Yes, my 12 year-old is finding time for another sport...volleyball! She begged me to try out, and since the majority of her soccer team plays volleyball, I knew we wouldn't have a hard time with scheduling. What I didn't know was if she'd actually make it. Sports are so competitive these days, but she made the "A" team. What I like that our school does is that no team is set. You can move up to "A" team, down to "B" team, to the alternate team, or no team. That means that the girls have to work to keep their positions, and those that work really hard have the chance to move up, just like in our capitalist society. (I do hope we keep this as opposed to the move to a socialist society. It encourages hard work!) And for the record, we lost our opening game to PNG...Bummer!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Soccer Update #1

You know, if I wouln't let myself get so far behind, I wouldn't have so much to say!

Soccer kicked off the last weekend of August with the Beaumont Youth Soccer Association's Kick-off Classic tournament. Curran has a new soccer team this year. We decided to go with Hardin County's team because I felt the coach had the qualities Curran needed. Tommy, her coach, has just the right mix of being able to push her but also praising her efforts, and it showed this weekend. Her team won their U-13 division by defeating every opponent. She had to play against her old team, but they all hugged her and said they missed her. Awww! She also pulled a soccer "hat trick" in the second game by scoring 3 goals! We even beat Jasper which is ranked 2nd in the state in Division II. Their only loss ever was by us! Now if we can just beat them Saturday during our regular season play...

New News!

Yes, I know I haven't posted lately. I get so busy with my children's activities and medical visits that I procrastinate to the extent I feel I can never catch up! However, I received some news today that prompted me to post. First, I have to say that Mamush's CT of the head and renal and heart ultrasound were normal. That's great because I am always prepared for surprises. We did have some drama around the CT of his head though. His pediatrician ordered it without contrast, but when I went to the office for the procedure, they informed me that it would be with contrast. Instead of calling my husband and fussing for not preparing me for Mamush's stick, I just assumed all was okay. The nurse (I guess) tried 3 times unsuccessfully to get iv access for the contrast, but I guess the good Lord was watching over my little man. You see, he has abnormally small airways, and the contrast could have, unbeknownst to me, caused life-threatening airway constriction due to the dye. When we were finished, and I called my hubby to fuss, he became alarmed and "---- hit the fan". That's when I learned of what could have happened... Yikes! So anyway, all is okay and the tests were normal. This just means that we haven't found another birth defect which is a good thing! What we did find out was that Mamush has growth hormone deficiency! Well no wonder why he looks like he's not even a year old! Yea! This is something we can treat, although daily GH injections aren't fun for anybody! How much will that cost? That is the $50,000 question right now, but we will find a way. That's all I know at this point. We are STILL waiting on getting a pediatric endocrinology consult, and I guess we will need to go back to the genecist now too. (We were waiting until Texas Children's got their new equipment.) Thanks to all who said they would be praying for our family. I finally have some more answers and am thankful for that...