Friday, May 1, 2009

It's Only Been Two Months...

I know. I know. I've received a zillion emails about why I've stopped posting. I guess the number one reason is that I didn't want my absent-tee father reading my blog anymore and I've fixed that by making my blog private. If he wanted to know what was going on in my life, then he needed to make that phone call! He has 4 grand kids that he has never seen, and one of those is the spitten image of his childhood photos. Let's pray he doesn't grow up to act like him!

So how have things been? Hectic! Well, what do you expect with 6 friggin children at home? lol! There's definitely never a dull moment. Well, Mamush had surgery. He went in for ear tubes and a circumcision. It seems a circumcision is very controversial nowadays, and let me just say that Mamush had phymosis, so the procedure had to be done, BUT we had planned on doing it anyway! Both procedures are simple routine procedures that take about a couple of minutes each, but for Mamush, it wasn't all that simple. He had to be intubated and had an IV placed in his arm after being put to sleep. Why? Because is circumcision was a complicated case and his tubes too! He didn't get tubes. His ears were too small. They just cut his ear drum and drained the fluid. We also found out that his airway is like a preemie too. The anesthesiologist told us that he will probably have issues all his life. I am heart-broken! It hurts to know that you cannot fix some things... Other than these medical issues that we are dealing with, Mamush is a great kid. He is curious, happy, loving, stubborn, and determined. I have to say that he has even grown 3 inches! He still is no where on any growth chart, but at least he's growing!

Maritu has her issues too. She still has junk in her lungs. Breathing treatments and antibiotics have not helped. Next comes allergy-testing... She also is still having food issues. She stuffs her mouth like she hasn't eaten in weeks. She also doesn't chew her food. You would be amazed at what she can swallow whole! I think I'm going to bring this up at our next pediatrician visit. Other than that, she is a big and precious girl! She has a smile that lights up the world!

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  1. Well, Im glad you posted! They're beautiful! I pray that they continue to grow and flourish!