Saturday, October 24, 2009

Homecoming Events

Last week was another busy week for our entire family. On Thursday, Cullen had Lights Out practice. Let me just tell you how amazing Vidor's homecoming halftime show is! I'm not sure of the year that the tradition began, but I know that Vidor had a lights out halftime since the 1960's, and here is how it goes: First, the homecoming court is announced and the queen is chosen, then on to the exciting events... All the lights in the entire stadium are turned off and the band, drill team and twirlers perform their routines. SO, you wonder how they do this in the dark? Well, the band has flashlights strapped to their legs and glow sticks on their hats. The brigs do something similar, and the twirlers twirl with fire! But the excitement doesn't stop there because fireworks that rival those at July 4th explode in the sky during the performances. You just have to see it to appreciate it! It is a standing room only event. Oh and no the babies did not like the show. Maritu hid her face in Curran's chest under a blanket and screamed the entire time. Mamush was feeling the effects of catching the "bug," so he was disinterested. We were praying he wouldn't vomit at the game...

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