Thursday, December 31, 2009

One Year Ago Today:

We were on a KLM flight in route to Ethiopia via Amsterdam to pick up Maritu and Mamush.   In honor of our glorious event, I think I'll post re-caps of our time in Ethiopia.

This is my "other half" at George Bush Intercontinental airport waiting to board our flight. There aren't any pics of me for two reasons: 1. I'm always the one taking the photos and 2. I was so nervous!
I don't like flying, much less flying for 16 hours. I had never flown over a few hours before, and I wasn't sure if I'd have a panic attack or what. Needless to say, airport security wasn't called on me for any panics, drug overdoses, or drunkenness. Of course I didn't sleep the entire flight! I do have to say that flight was the smoothest I had ever been on! What I would suggest to anyone that may be a novice like I was, is to drink lots of water, and avoid caffeine because I battled nose bleeds from the dry air. Don't worry about packing any drinks if you fly KLM. They feed and water you so much that I was sure I had sprouted a few inches. (Okay, maybe I did sprout laterally!)

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