Saturday, October 31, 2009


What fun! Halloween on a Saturday! And this was Sheridan's first year to trick-or-treat, along with M&M. You know, as I'm sitting here writing this post, I just realized that I should have dressed M&M as "M&M's", since that is how I refer to them. Darn! Maybe next year... Anyway, this day started out as a typical "soccer Saturday." Skylar won his game, but Curran's team lost their game. This puts them in second place, and we don't know yet how many teams will advance to district playoffs. :( So, we wait and see, but this is a plug to not get yourself in that position. Every game and every point count. Bummer! Next, I frantically came up an idea for a costume for Maritu and threw it together. I am NOT a Suzy Homemaker, but I have to say that I didn't do half bad. Maritu was a precious Minnie Mouse; Mamush, an adorable Pirate; Sheridan, a batty Bat Girl; and Skylar, Anakin Skywalker (Anakin was good for a short time. He just let greed and power cloud his thinking, but you see, I believe he turned his life around in the end.). Curran helped Daddy and I with the babies but then had to leave her uncool family and attend a party. Poor Cullen was stuck at a band competition until about 10pm. I guess she could have gone trick-or-treating because some pre-teen boys thought it okay to ring our bell shortly before 10pm!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

More pics...

In my haste, I forgot to add these pics from the parade. The one where Maritu has her hands on her face is because of the sirens from a firetruck...

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Homecoming Events

Last week was another busy week for our entire family. On Thursday, Cullen had Lights Out practice. Let me just tell you how amazing Vidor's homecoming halftime show is! I'm not sure of the year that the tradition began, but I know that Vidor had a lights out halftime since the 1960's, and here is how it goes: First, the homecoming court is announced and the queen is chosen, then on to the exciting events... All the lights in the entire stadium are turned off and the band, drill team and twirlers perform their routines. SO, you wonder how they do this in the dark? Well, the band has flashlights strapped to their legs and glow sticks on their hats. The brigs do something similar, and the twirlers twirl with fire! But the excitement doesn't stop there because fireworks that rival those at July 4th explode in the sky during the performances. You just have to see it to appreciate it! It is a standing room only event. Oh and no the babies did not like the show. Maritu hid her face in Curran's chest under a blanket and screamed the entire time. Mamush was feeling the effects of catching the "bug," so he was disinterested. We were praying he wouldn't vomit at the game...

Sunday, October 4, 2009

What Goes Down Must Come Back Up

That was true for food that Skylar and Maritu ate today! UUUUGGGHHH! Both kids are sick, and I just hate when kids vomit. I hate to vomit myself. I get so emotional. I don't know how people become bulimic. Yuk! And this was Maritu's first time to vomit. She was so pitiful and scared. She just cried and cried.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Soccer Saturday

I think this will become a regular Saturday title...

The only bad thing about soccer Saturdays is when your kids have games at the same times in different cities! That's what happened today, so Ken and I had to split up. He got to take Sky and Sheridan to their games, while the babies and I watched Curran's game. First though, I had to pick Curran up from region choir try-outs. (Curran says she cracked. Well, if her choir teacher would change her from a soprano to an alto, she'd do better because she's NOT a soprano!) Then it was straight to the game. I expected her team to not perform well because it was homecoming for Lumberton last night, (I hate to say that Vidor rained on their parade...) and I was right, at least for the first half of the game. I'm not sure if that's why the kids couldn't get anything done, or the fact that the coach changed up positions. Curran played mid-field in the first half. Thank goodness, however, the girls woke up in the second half. Curran ended up with another Hat Trick and was the only one that scored!
Sky and Sher's game didn't have the same outcome. :( Sky's team lost 0-6, and Sher's team played a U-5 boys team, and there's a world of difference in that one year.