Sunday, January 3, 2010

Gotcha Day...

Not! One year ago we pulled into Hope's care center awaiting that picture perfect moment when we see the kids for the first time. I burst into tears from the anxiety. Okay. Reality check. It wasn't picture perfect but definitely memorable. We pull in and walk inside. We meet Tseday, Hope's nurse, who tells us the kids aren't there. She then hands us some prescription bottles. Ken looks at them and his eyes get big, and then he shows them to me. They are TB meds for Maritu! What the heck? We find out for the first time that she has been receiving treatment for a month. These next few days really seem like some plot from a soap opera. I didn't know what to say or do. We were already there, so I just thought I'd do what I do best...take pictures! Soon Tseday comes to us and says the kids were back, so I told Ken to turn on the video camera because it is a motherly moment. Oops! Someone forgot to tell Maritu. She took one look at us and started screaming! Not quite what I wanted to capture on camera, but it is something we can look back at and laugh.

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