Saturday, January 30, 2010

Will The 3rd Time Be The Charm?

Thursday, I had my 8 year-old son and husband at home with a GI illness (so that's 2 sick children ), so what did I do?   I left!  :)  I thought I'd have the kid's social security cards changed.  We needed to change their names, birth dates, and citizenship status since we readopted them a couple of months ago.  (Oh and the new birth certificates took 8 weeks.)  So, I drove to the nearest SS office only to find that it "cappeared" as my 3 year-old would say.  Luckily, my hubby remembered that he saw a new SS building on the far side of town.  So once again I drove off.  Next, you have to sign in via computer and get your computer-generated number.  When my number was finally called, I met the lady that would be helping me.  (I think I'm going to eventually help her!)  She asked me why I was there, so I pulled out all of my paperwork and stated that I needed to change my children's names, dates of birth, and citizenship status.   She exclaimed in a haughty manner, "My that's a lot!"  I wanted to reply, "Just do your job!"  I didn't though.  I kept my comments to myself while I kept reminding myself of the madness she must see on a daily basis.  Remind me to never work for the SSA if that's the attitude you adopt.  Well, she got out of doing all that work because my lawyer had given me copies of our court papers and not certified copies.  I still didn't want to go home to two sick kids, so I decided to make that drive to the court house.  I would eventually need certified copies anyway.  So, I hop in my car and head back in the opposite direction to a different county.  When I went in and asked for the papers, the lady helping me looked wide-eyed and said, "Your adoption isn't sealed?"  Heck, I don't know.  Wasn't she the one looking at the records?   What was I going to do if the records were sealed and I needed these papers?  I guess the lady seeing the stress on my face said, "Don't worry.  We'll get it straightened out."  I did get those certified copies, and I headed once again clear in the opposite direction.  The wait at the SS office wasn't nearly as long, and I happened to get the same girl.  Oh lucky me!  She was more pleasant this go round, but this time she asked, "Why are you changing their birth dates?"  I was prepared!  I pulled out my Ipod and showed her our Christmas picture and asked her if she thought my son looked like he was 3.  I sensed the shock on her face.  She called in another person, and I felt I had to educate them about another country.  Don't take this the wrong way.  I actually enjoyed this part.  However, I still didn't get the stuff changed.  Ugggh!  They claimed I needed a Certificate of Citizenship       or a US Passport.  Bull!  I stated that the Child Citizenship Act of 2000 states otherwise, and they claimed they looked it up a couple of days ago.  I left defeated and second guessing what I knew, but just wait until Monday!!!  I looked up the Act, as well as the  Social Security policies .  They were wrong, and I will go in Monday armed with copies of those documents.  I mean, they can't possibly know everything.  Foreign adoptions are still very few and far between....


  1. Oh, ugh! We haven't done that yet; I'm waiting for our CoC's to arrive. I know you don't need them, but was advised it was easier since so many people report stories just like yours! I guess I'll go armed with every piece of paperwork I can scrounge up. We need passports, too. Good luck and get well to your family!

  2. wow. You are preparing be prepared. Although I readopted Mary, I got her citizenship cert in the mail automatically some times after we were home (adopted from China)...I have never gotten her us birth certificate. (home 4 years this summer). But have her social security card in her new name.

    Guess I need to go get the copy of her birth cert just to be safe.