Friday, February 5, 2010

What Did I Say?

I did say I would return to the Social Security office armed with their documents on Monday, but the laugh is on me because apparently there is another social security document that contains their policy.  So, while the Child Immigration Act of 2000 states that I won't need to obtain a US passport or Certificate of Citizenship, this SS document says otherwise if I want the kid's citizenship to be changed in their system.  I will be applying for the US Passport because it is the cheapest, but I also strongly urge everyone to obtain a COC because that is the "ultimate" proof of the children's citizenship status! 


  1. We're waiting for our CoC's to arrive. We're going on an overseas trip this summer, so next up is the passport. And of course I still need to talk to the friendly folks at the SS office! Lots of hoops to jump through, right?

  2. Good golly! Don't you love beauracracy? (She said sarcastically.)