Sunday, May 16, 2010

Doctor Dolittle

I am a lover of classics, and Doctor Dolittle is just one of them, so now you can see the connection between this pic and my title.  You see, Curran was on a break in between soccer games, so she wanted to go look at these animals.  Some people that are regulars at that park said these nutria are always here but never come up to you.  Well, my husband commented that Curran talks to the animals, and right at that moment, one crawled right up to her!  She fed and petted it!  Oh my! 

Needless to say, we did play all of our games today.  We won the first 2-0 against the Dallas Texans from Austin.  Then we dropped the second 0-2 against the Lonestars.  I was told it was heart-breaking!  Apparently, the first score came from a PK awarded from a yellow card against one of our girls.  Even the other team's parents said they didn't see a foul.  Then the second goal came when the opposing team held our goalie's jersey in the box.  I don't mind losing, but not like that!  I have to place blame on bad officiating!  You know it's just not you when the other team's parents agree.  But we came back with a 6-0 win for our third game which sealed a second place victory.  The best comment of the day was when a few of the Lonestar parents came up to our parents and asked why they hadn't heard of us before.  (I guess we are like Grandma's secret recipe-a well hidden secret!)

Here's  a better pic that one of our parents took of the Nutria:


  1. That is so cute! Congrats on the second place finish, too.