Wednesday, December 15, 2010

When Life Hands You Lemons...

Make lemonaid! 

 I'm just not sure how to do that just yet.  :)  I finally took my hubby's advice on having a plantar fascia release.  I had been having problems for awhile, tried many conservative treatments, then decided to finally take the surgery route.  That was a couple of months ago, but now the pain is worse.  Not only is it still in the same area, but now I have pain in part of my foot that wasn't hurting and have paresthesia along the bottom of my foot.  So I had an MRI of my foot, and what do you know?  The radiologist apparently tells my husband that the surgery really screwed me up.  Uggh!!!  SO does anyone have any suggestions on how to make something good of this?  I don't blame my podiatrist.  He is a great doctor, and mistakes happen.  I also don't blame my hubby.  He thought this would help because it does on most people when conservative treatments fail, but my problem has been since birth.  I was born with club foot.  Now, I haven't had problems all through life.  I guess my prior gymnastics career, cheerleading, and gym work outs have caught up with me.  We'll see what another specialist says tomorrow.

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  1. Sorry, Holly. My husband has plantar fasciitis, and it can be horribly painful. I didn't even know there was a surgical correction available. I hope you get some relief somehow!