Friday, September 18, 2009

Another Sport

Yes, my 12 year-old is finding time for another sport...volleyball! She begged me to try out, and since the majority of her soccer team plays volleyball, I knew we wouldn't have a hard time with scheduling. What I didn't know was if she'd actually make it. Sports are so competitive these days, but she made the "A" team. What I like that our school does is that no team is set. You can move up to "A" team, down to "B" team, to the alternate team, or no team. That means that the girls have to work to keep their positions, and those that work really hard have the chance to move up, just like in our capitalist society. (I do hope we keep this as opposed to the move to a socialist society. It encourages hard work!) And for the record, we lost our opening game to PNG...Bummer!

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