Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Things People Say

After the last post about people asking if my children were my grandchildren, you'd think I had my share of crazy questions, but you'd have "thunk" wrong... :) So, here's my list to date with what I thought in parenthesis:

1. Are those your grandchildren? (Do I really look old enough? ...yes, I am technically)

2. Are you a foster mom? (They can't be mine?)

3. Are those your children? (I don't kiss my neighbor's kids like that.)

4. Who are you baby sitting for?

#4 was actually the latest, and it came from a black man, where as the others were from white people. He was a cop at a volleyball tournament for my daughter. I didn't hear what he asked at first, but after he repeated it, I chuckled. He was shocked when I said that M&M were mine. He even asked me what my neighbors thought. Truthfully, I don't know, but they all know that I was adopting from Ethiopia for a year before the kids actually came home. I guess they know me well enough that they know better than to say something to ignite my spark (or spunk). (I'm like a lioness protecting her cubs, as I imagine most mothers are.) No, really, I live in a neighborhood filled with children of all ages. "Family" is very important to those that live around us. And, I think the man had a new found respect for me after I graciously answered his questions. I don't really get upset when people stare or ask questions. Actually, I'd rather they ask. Hopefully, I can touch someone's heart with my answers...Maybe I can change their preconceived notions...Hopefully I can teach M&M how to respond when they grow up and face these same questions...

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