Saturday, September 19, 2009

Wins, Wins, And More Wins!

Well that title is just a tad deceptive because Skylar lost his soccer game 2-0. He did get two shots on goal but just couldn't capitalize on the opportunity. Also, Sheridan's age group doesn't keep score, but she played the entire game for two kids that cried. Now Curran was the day's big winner. They beat Jasper in soccer again! The score was 2-1. That was Jasper 3rd loss ever! I have to say that their team showed better sportsmenship with this loss.

As soon as her soccer game was finished, we had to rush to Austin Middle School in order to make it for her team's 2nd game in the volleyball tournament. Vidor lost their first game, but came back and won the next two to get the consolation trophy. Whoohoo! I guess I might date myself because I am surprised at how much the game has changed. When did the scoring system change where you could score when you weren't serving?

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