Monday, February 9, 2009

Free and Clear!

Gosh, I wish we were "free and clear" with debt, but I'll take the kids being free from and clear of that nasty parasite known as Giardia! Yes! I forgot to mention that if any of you have children that ultimately test positive for Giardia, then find a compounding specialist. No, don't go to Walgreen's or CVS. All they do is crush Flagyl tablets and mix the powder with syrpalta. That will NOT mask the hideous taste. Trust me on this if you don't believe another word I say! So why a compounding pharmacist? Because they usually belong to a group called PCCA (Pharmaceutical Compounding Centers of America) that formulates recipes for situations like this. There is a certain form of metronidazole (not tablets!) that they use with less taste problems. I had absolutely no trouble getting the children to take their medication for 14 days. The downside can be that some of these places don't accept insurance, but that was an acceptable trade-off!

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