Friday, February 13, 2009

Just Beginning

Yesterday was our first pediatric specialist appointment in Houston at Texas Children's Hospital. In case you aren't aware, the hospital is phenomenal! We had our ophthalmology consult at 10 AM, but I just have to laugh at this because I just can't believe it keeps happening to me. No, obviously, our appointment did not go smoothly. Somehow we were signed in by the receptionist under a patient's name that had cancelled their appointment. Don't ask me how this happened! We filled out paper work, gave an insurance card, and even paid our co-pay with a credit card. After waiting two hours and noticing that people that had just signed in were getting called, I made my husband find out what the problem was, and that was when we had found out the error. Somebody is truly trying my patience, and I'm failing the test miserably... Anyway, we didn't learn anything really that the opthamologist here didn't already tell us except for the fact that we need to patch Mamush's bad eye for 2 hours a day in order to get the best eye sight that is obtainable to him which probably won't be much. So, his next visit is with the genetics department in March. On a good note, Mamush amazed me again. In the waiting room, there was a fish tank, and Mamush signed "fish". I only signed this to him last week when he was in my OB-Gyn's office with me. Can you believe he picked it up? Truly amazing!

Of course we ate at our favorite Ethiopian restaurant while in Houston. It is the first time we have taken the children to a restaurant, so I guess that Ethiopian food was appropriate. You ought to have seen Maritu doing the shoulder dance in the restaurant, not to mention that both kids went to town on the food! We had several people ask us about the kids. One older lady even came from in the kitchen and spoke Amharic to the kids. I wonder if they understood...


  1. I love hearing how things are going with you all! Sending warm thoughts and prayers your way! Rebecca

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